About Me

Brett Hughes

I am currently based in Nashville, Tennessee with an eclectic work history. I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, with a scholarship I earned through arduous work and the help of some amazing mentors. After college I moved to New York City and found myself immersed in the restaurant scene. I quickly became a critical member of the award- winning team at Saxon + Parole within AvRoKo Hospitality. I represented the group in interviews for articles with local and national media about the nuances of ingredients in cocktails and my unique approach to hospitality behind the bar. My creative contributions aside, I learned the inner workings of a world class bar from costing analysis and ordering metrics, to managing staff and scheduling. I found a third passion for rock climbing when I moved to Nashville and was recruited by an industry leading tower inspection company. I was tasked with inspecting cellular towers across the country, providing detailed reports from each site, traveling independently throughout the United States to complete each task, managing teams of remote colleagues, coordinating travel, training inexperienced staff, and streamlining inventory. Attention to detail was imperative and I succeeded in helping to raise the quality of reports and mitigate the cost of mistakes.

Almost a year ago, I intensely researched programming education and made the decision to turn my coding hobby into a career. I was accepted into Nashville Software School, Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp and began my immersion into job related programming practices. Gaining perspective through networking outside of class, I have made the fundamentals of programming a top priority as to not become your typical boot-camp graduate. Throughout my career, I have gained critical experience and have become a highly organized individual with strong interpersonal skills aimed at success.