As a Software Developer
I want to make an impact

It's up to the person who's being creative to find ways to emerge and shake up the world of wealth.
-Wayne Shorter

M.A.D App

My Awesome Day aims to bridge a gap between our image driven social media sites and a travel application. Utilizing external APIs for photo hosting and geo-location, MAD App behaves like apps we have on our phones today.

Yoo Tube

I loved working with my group making this mock YouTube in React. Working through merge conflicts and sharing ideas about NPM packages gave of a strong sense of what we will encounter in a workplace environment.

Vocab You

Proud of this project being the first of mine to use a persistent database. A significant turning point in my learning where things started to feel real. This individual project written over a 2 week sprint uses Vanilla JavaScript with Google Firebase as the API.

The past influences the future

I bring deep understanding of exciting industries

  • Telecom

    In depth knowledge of cell tower inspection and crew management from hands on training to remote quality control

  • Restaurants

    From Michelin Star icons to independent neighborhood joints, I've held almost every position in the business

  • Music

    Educated at Berklee College of Music, I take my musical background with me wherever I go

  • Elevated Work

    Complicated rope access scenarios requring an architectural midset while executing in stressful environments